Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More of the same

More of the same playing in the girls rooms early in the morning after we drop the boys off at school.  On this day the sun was shining and it felt like it could be really really warm outside.  Although it wasn't.  But was nice and warm and cozy in that room.  So we played there, as we normally do in the morning after we drop the boys off. 

Did I mention we play in the girls room after we drop the boys off?  :) 

Annalise still shows no interest for crawling.  I don't think Liv crawled until she was like ten months though.  So she still has time.  My little missy is just content to sit and chew on toys.  And food, if I'm offering.

Annalise started a nasty virus in the house which consisted of a high fever and really no other symptoms.  The fever lasted like five days though.  It was not fun for her.  And it has not been fun for Liv, or for Jace.  And now I think it's about to show up in Cam.  Although he's at school because today was the 100th day of school so they had fun shirts to wear plus school festivities.  Hopefully he is feeling okay, and not like crap.  He MAY have had a teeny tiny fever this morning, but he did not want to stay home so I loaded him up with meds and off he went.

Mom of the year, right here.

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