Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Summer in Winter

On Saturday we had a summer day.  It was like over 70.  It was AH-mazing.  I loved it.  Friday was fairly warm, too, but it was insanely windy.  But Saturday the wind died down and there was just a slight breeze, plus the warmest weather ever for February.  For here.  Where the weather it cold and gloomy in February.

Brice was working out at the farm on Sherri and Danny's house, as he has been most every Saturday for a while.  He took Jace with him for most of the day and I brought the other three out after a visit to the after hours clinic for Cam and Liv, who both have ear infections.

And FYI, I took Lisey-girl to the doctor yesterday (Monday) and she has an ear infection, too.  What an icky sicky winter.

Lise was happy to be in her stroller.  And she enjoyed eating crackers.  As she enjoys eating everything.

The boys did some tree climbing.

And Auntie Sherri came over with her mask on her face, to keep the dust from the inside of the house out, and Lisey-girl did not like that one bit.

And the kids did some exploring and Jace did some awkward smiling.

Look at that blue sky, though!  It was incredible.  Definitely a tease of a warm spring that I fear is still too far way.

Also I spied some pretty light and some pretty weeds so I asked the kids if they wanted to walk over there with me.  On an adventure.  Cam didn't make it very far before he turned back.  He was not a trooper.

Liv was a trooper though.  And Jace was, too, but he wouldn't sit still in any of the pretty light for me to take any pictures of him.  Of course.

So then Liv won the picture taking contest.  Although even she wasn't too keen on posing for me.  They are annoyed with me, I think.  But I'm annoyed with them, too, so we're even.

Also Liv had found a key and she was trying to poke it in her belly button.  Because that's normal.

So basically it was a great day :)

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The Sandall's said...

That determined look on Cam's face, and if course he had to have the tongue out. It's and Anderson thing. That terrified look on Jaces face. Poor Lise Girl.. And those pics of Livvy LaLa! Love all the pictures!