Friday, February 12, 2016


Next up was this guy.

Seven and a half years.  His cousin, Bowman, was just baptized, and Emily mentioned something to me about how after they are eight, there are just ten more short years before they are grown and gone.

I told her not to speak of that and I pushed it from my mind.  Because if I really think about how he will be gone in ten years. . . well I kind of start bawling.

He's growing up and getting taller and thinks he is big stuff.  And being the oldest, he gets a lot of the responsibility.  And then a lot of the chastising when things aren't going exactly as his dad and I expect them to go.

Today he shoveled the sidewalks and the driveway.  I watched him out there through the window occasionally and saw him clumsily moving the huge shovel around.  But even by the end of the job he was maneuvering ten times better than when he first started.  I was very proud of him.

And then he asked if I would pay him a dollar for it.  Haha!  Always looking to make a buck :)

I love this boy.

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