Friday, February 12, 2016

The Cam Spam

On Thursday (yesterday) when there was no school I pulled out a gray blanket and made the kids sit in front of it so I could take some shots of them.  The kids cooperated only because I told them they would get to pick out a dollar treat from Walmart, where we were headed later that day.

First up was the Spam.

Oh this boy.

He is so sweet sometimes and then a whining monster nightmare at other times.  He can flip his switch pretty quickly, too.  It's kind of impressive.

I love these two of him looking down, because he looks so grown.  And kind of lanky.  Not my cute chubby little marshmallow Spam anymore. 

But he still has that cute little baby face. I think maybe he'll always have that baby face. A  little bit like his daddy. And he'll have to grow facial hair so that people will not think he is so young.

But that's far off.  For now he can just use that little baby face to charm all the ladies he meets. 

I love this Spam. 

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