Monday, March 10, 2014

Livvy's favorite spot

If Livvy is missing I can usually find her in her favorite spot.  (or in the bathroom which is probably her real favorite spot but not so much mine)

She loves to stand on her wooden chair and look out her window.

And in the morning when she does it, the light is golden and so pretty.   She looks so sweet and peaceful, I think.

I was so happy with the pictures I got of her this morning.  Like so happy.

Because finally, finally they were pictures that represented EXACTLY what I was really seeing.  Like the peaceful golden color and everything.  Well, not the back and white ones.  But I'm loving black and white right now.

I usually have my camera on manual mode, so sometimes I know what I'm doing and get the pictures I want, sometimes I get lucky and get the pictures I want, and sometimes I screw up.  And this morning Livvy actually stayed at her window long enough for me to fiddle with my camera settings to get exactly the kind of pictures I've been wanting to get of her in her favorite spot.  

So I feel like it was a camera victory for me this morning.

So my Monday is actually starting off pretty good.  Not like the picture here.  :)

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Celeste said...

I love her hair! It is so long and makes her look like a little girl. Her smile is so sweet. Picture perfection!