Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some Randomness

Here are some random pics.  Liv wants to be anywhere you don't want her to be.

Like trying to eat the Legos.
She looks at me like, "Um, it'll be fine, Mom."

Cam is finally feeling all the way better.  He has recovered from his random virus and his steROID rage.

But here are some pics when he was not feeling so good last week and I asked him to "smile pretty".

Jace made a store in his room last week.  He was entertained for hours, so I was thrilled.  I even went in to shop a couple of time (like whenever he started getting tired of it muahaha)

Some of his prices were pretty expensive.

Also I have been having a lot of fun with mine and Emily's (me and Emily's, Emily's and mine?) new blog.  I feel like a techno savvy guru.  Although really all I do is google exactly the question I have.  And there are hundreds of answers from people who've already done it.  So yay for them putting all their how to's out there.

Also today was an AWESOME Saturday.  Brice finally didn't have to work for the first time since Christmas, and he took the boys basically all day.  First grocery shopping (have I mentioned that he does the grocery shopping?  Pretty impressive I think) and then to Granny's where they played outside all day in this finally-feels-like-spring weather.  

Which meant Liv and I hung out at home and I cleaned the whole house, INCLUDING doing all the laundry AND putting it all away.  Which happens like next to never.

And the boys were so tired from playing hard all day that they went to bed at 6:30 and fell asleep instantly.  And then Liv went to bed.  And now- FREEDOM!!

The only thing that would have made this day just a tad better is if Vampire Diaries had been new, because I got all set up to watch it only to discover there was not a new one this week.

So now I'm doing this instead.

And also I made this:

for the boys room, but I think I'm actually gonna use this:

Also those are on the other blog HERE

You can go there and pin them.

Also be prepared for me to always be telling you to do that.

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The Sandalls said...

What a cute idea for Jace to do a store!

I can't believe how big they look> Don't let them grow up. Make them STOP!