Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We're back

We're back.  Yay!  But also sad at the same time.  Because ending a trip is always sad.  Even though it's really good to be back home.

And also sad because summer is over and the boys start school tomorrow.

But also happy at the same time because summer is over and the boys start school tomorrow.

And I'll need this next month of them being in school to prepare for our road trip to the beach in September. 

I feel like we toured the world on our trip with my parents.  We met them in Arkansas and spent the night there.  Then we went to Denver and stayed a night there.  Then we made it to Spencer's and stayed two nights.  Then we drove up to Idaho and stayed there camping in the mountains for three nights.  Then we drove back to Salt Lake and stayed with Spencer for two nights.  Then we drove down to Fairview and stayed with Grandma Anderson for one night.  Then we went back up to Spencer's and stayed there for two nights.  Then we left on Thursday and stayed at my dad's cousins house in Blanding for one night.  Then we drove all day and stayed in Clovis New Mexico for a night.  And then we finally  made it to Texas, where we spent a week.  Then Brice picked us up and we stayed a night with our good friend's Tom and Jillane in Dallas before finally making it home Sunday.

It was crazy.  But lots of fun.  But also crazy.  But lots of fun.  But also exhausting.  But lots of fun.

And I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to.  Because chasing around four kids and handling a camera don't really go well together. 

Anyway here we are at the little pond behind my Uncle Rex's house in Arkansas where we met my parents.  I told Liv that Uncle Rex was actually a dinosaur.  He's not, though.

Annalise just started to walk on her own a few days before we left.

And the boys ran around like crazies with the crazy dog who also at one point stole Jace's flip flop.

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