Saturday, August 13, 2016

Races (kind of)

When I was growing up, every year at the end of the reunion we would have cousin races.  I don't know when they started or why we did them.  But we just did.  To be honest, it wasn't my favorite part.  Because somebody was always last place in their age group. 

Oh and it was me.  

I'm slow.  

Anyway this year there were a ton of kids, so Aunt Eva started some races.  I didn't get my camera out till they were over and the kids were just racing randomly with everyone.  Or maybe I said, hey, race again towards my camera.  

But they enjoyed the races.  And they all got a big size bag of skittles when they crossed the finish line.  Which is a step up from the tiny little jolly rancher we used to go get from Grandpa King when we were done racing.  (And yes, you got a candy even if you were last place, thank you very much)

Also, on a side note, this morning Olivia tried to blind me.  She plays with my contact case sometimes when she's washing her hands, if I've forgotten to put the case away.  So last night I noticed it was full of what I thought was just water.  So I dumped the water out, added solution and put my contacts away.  Well apparently, it wasn't just water.  It was super soapy water and even when I dumped it out, a bunch of soap remained and so my contacts soaked in soap all night long.

And then I popped them in my eyes this morning and then my eyes were on fire.  I couldn't even open them to get the soap saturated contacts out.  Then finally I pried them open through the burning and pulled the contacts out.  And they went straight in the trash.

And my eyes are still burning.  And might never forgive me.

Oh Olivia.

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