Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Campfire faces

We stayed up in the mountains from Wednesday to Saturday.  And I'm not sure I got in any pictures.  But I was there.  And I had a blast, just like the kids.  I love those mountains and I love our campsite and the creek and the trees and turtle rock and Edwards cabin.

Or is it Everett's cabin?  In my old age I can't remember.  It's a tiny little cabin up the road from where we camp and it's haunted.  And hiking up to it at night has always been a little terrifying.  I think I would even get scared hiking up there as an adult, if the setting was right.

Jace and Cameron both braved the hike up to it this year in the dark.  When they got back, Cam looked really terrified.  Like for reals.  But he loved it.  I think.

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Celeste said...

You packed in the fun while you were in the West! Better plan another trip next summer. But bring Brice and come through Colorado this time! :)