Thursday, August 18, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

We left Fairview Tuesday after lunch and then met my parents at the Provo City Center Temple.  It was beautiful.  But also hot.  We took some pictures there and then headed up to BYU.  I can't believe how much its the same, and yet different.  There are so many new building and new things, but yet the feeling I get when I'm there is just the same.

Best university in the world.

Just saying.

Being there brings back so many memories.   Memories of roommates and fun times and classes and old jobs.  It makes me so happy and then a little sad at the same time.  Because those good times are over.  Not that I'm not having different good times now.  But you know. Nostalgia. 

Then after we were done looking around campus we went back up to Salt Lake.  And I was driving with all the kids and Seve, and I took a super long detour to drive past our old house in American Fork.  It looked exactly the same.  Same crappy yard.  And same old house.  Funny that that hasn't changed.  Also funny to think that we lived there.  It feels like forever ago.


Celeste said...

Your old house in AF was the craziest thing ever. I have the same feelings as we drive past our old duplex in AF. It makes me feel so old to go back and see everything and look in the back of the car and see my 3 kids and think of everything that has changed since then.

Tyrell said...

I SO want to see the new Provo temple in real life... but these pictures are perfect!! I miss Utah a little too much right now. Like I'm petitioning Jake to move us back!! So many good memories!