Saturday, January 9, 2016

Annalise Kate, 7 months

This little sweetie is 7 months old today!

Also her sister is three years old and I haven't done a post yet.  All in good time.

But anyway I have these pics so I thought I'd post them.  She is such a sweet baby.  Also she now rolls over in her crib to sleep on her belly/face at night, so my stress free nights are over.  Now I set my alarm to get up throughout the night to go in and make sure she's not sleeping on her face.  Then if she is I try to move her head.  Which sometimes works and sometimes wakes her up.

Please quit sleeping on your face, baby girl.

I think she's getting a little better about turning her head and sleeping the way a normal person sleeps when they sleep on their belly.  But not better enough for me to not stress about it at night.

She loves to eat whatever I'll let her eat.

And she's starting to get a little frustrated that she can't move.  Yet doesn't really care enough to figure out the whole moving thing.  Silly girl. 

We love our Leesie-girl!

(also I'm really annoyed that google is compressing the file size of the pictures so much that when  you look at them on anything other than your phone, they look pixelated.  Maybe I'm running really low on google storage space.  But still it's annoying)

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