Monday, December 28, 2015

Santa came!

The kids were up at about six fifteen Christmas morning.  As was expected.

These first two pics were right when we went out to see the tree, before we turned other lights on.  Liv was very concerned because she was sure that our snowman elf had eaten Santa's cookies.

Her third eyebrow in the middle is very visible when she is concerned.

Then we turned the lights on and I told the boys to to sit down for a picture.  Liv was still too upset about the cookies.

But once we finally got the stockings open she was happy and forgot about the cookies.  Thankfully.

I love that they are still at the age that they are so excited about everything they get.  And Liv was the cutest this year.  Three years old is the best Christmas age I think.  Finally old enough to really understand the Santa thing and believe in ALL the magic.  She always was so excited to see where our little snowman elf moved every night (he came to visit us later in the month when Jace kept asking why we didn't have an elf.  He was actually a snowman Christmas tree topper that we had hanging on the top of our tree, but one night he mysteriously disappeared.  The next morning he was back with magic dust sprinkled on him and a note from Santa that all the elves were busy, but Jingle the snowman had been designated our very special elf. . . yeah I caved okay.)

The first gift Liv opened was a princess jammie dress from Grandma, which she immediately demanded that she wear.  She wore it most of the day and has worn is every day since.  I believe she needs another one for her birthday next week.

Also I think Jace was so excited about their big Santa present that his neck veins were about to pop.

And look at their faces in the one below.  Jace staring in shock and Cam screaming in happiness.  Love it.

A wonderful, happy Christmas mess.

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Celeste said...

HAHA, Her third eyebrow is so funny. And I am loving your magic Christmas snowman elf idea. Looks like the perfect Christmas morning.