Thursday, January 14, 2016

We have a chicken

We have a chicken because Brice built a garage for this guy who has lots of chickens.  The boys went over there a lot as Brice was building, and the guy gave them a chicken.  He also gave them a big white rabbit.  The rabbit only comes out at night though.  So the only evidence I've seen of the rabbit is a pile of rabbit poop in this big cage.

Today was a randomly warm January day.  It got up to almost sixty.  The sun was shining and even though the ground was super wet from the rain, snow and ice, we spent some time outside after school.

Cam and liv played on the rusty old swing set.

Then Cam got off, and right after he got off he got slammed in the nose by Liv, who was still swinging.  And his nose bled.  And there were quite a few tears.  But I'm not heartless.  I stopped taking pictures while he was crying and we were soaking up blood.

And then there's Jace, who lost a top tooth.  And also reminds me of Jim Carey in dumb and dumber a little bit with his hair cut.

Then Cam was sulking sadly on the porch so Liv and Jace went to cheer him up.

See what I mean about the Jim Carey resemblence?????

Tomorrow will be nice again, and then back to winter.  Brrrrrrr.

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Celeste said...

I love the random warm January days. I love that you have a chicken. Hope you get some eggs!