Monday, January 11, 2016

Play doh in the kitchen

Livvy loves play doh.  I got her some for her birthday.

Play doh goes through cycles in our house.  The kids love it and want it and beg for it.  So I get some.  Then they play with it, and then half put it away, and then I clean the rest.  Then they play with it again and then half put it away and then I clean the rest.  And pretty soon I'm finding dried play doh crumbs everywhere and it's so annoying and soon I just throw all the play doh away.

The last time I went on a play doh rage it was after the boys had gotten down the play doh bin in their room while I was occupied.  I went in and discovered play doh crumbs and squished play doh everywhere.  Plus all the little molds and cookie cutter type toys were scattered everywhere.  I was pretty mad and threw it ALL away.  Play doh tools included.

This time I just bought a bag of the little party packs of play doh, you know the really tiny containers.  And no play doh toys. And I let them open one container each and they've just been using their own toys with the play doh and I've just been tossing whatever pieces are scattered on the kitchen floor and are not too salvageable.  It's been much easier and much nicer not to have a bin of play doh crap for all the dried play doh to collect.

We'll see how long it lasts. 

Also Cam wouldn't make a normal face and Liv was kind of annoyed with him. 

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Celeste said...

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with play doh. Kids love it, I hate cleaning it up. Somebody recommended putting it on a cheap cookie sheet from the dollar store and it keeps the crumbs contained. I should try that.