Monday, December 21, 2015

Annalise Six Months

Just really quick before I should actually be starting dinner I thought I would add these pics of Leesie girl.  I don't really know how to spell Leesie.  Which is what we call her.  Lisey?  Lissy?  Not of those look like how you would pronounce it actually.  So I'm saying Leesie is fine.  

Anyway she has been six months for awhile now.  We just had her appointment today, and turns out she has an ear infection!  Poor little baby.  Liv also has an ear infection.  They haven't been running fevers so I had no idea.  Except for that they've been snotty for like two weeks.  Which is why I made an appointment for Liv this morning and brought her too.  Poor babies. 

Oh darn, Liv is done with her show and has come searching for me.

Annalise is still such a sweetie.  She can now officially roll over whenever she wants.  From her back to her belly.  She's still not sure how to get back to the other side.  Although she doesn't do it much because she's pretty content to just be.

She can sit up on her own.

She loves to eat.

She loves her brothers and sister.

She is an angel.

We love her.

And now I've got to go. 


diana king said...

We love her too!

Melanie said...

You're doing an awesome job taking pictures of your 4th, I think I fizzled out on photos by my 4th :(
Your Nativity pictures are darling! And the one you posted on FB of Leesie under the tree is an award winner - one you and she will treasure forever!