Friday, December 25, 2015

The Nativity

So this year I made everyone participate in a little Nativity.  

Cam and Liv were the cutest little Joseph and Mary.

Jace played a variety of parts.  And one of them was the donkey.

Poppy was the inn.  Or the inn keeper.  Or the guy holding up the paper plate that said "no room".  I mean obviously this was equal to a broadway production.

Alyssa was an angel.

As were Melanie and Annalise.  And Troy was the star. 

Jace then acted out the role of the shepherd and herded his little flock of paper bag sheep right along to worship the baby Jesus.

Daddy was also a shepherd.  Though he herded from the couch.  And he also read the Christmas story for us.

And then suddenly, bam, Jace was also a wiseman.  He's so talented, that boy.

My sweet little Livvy Mary.  So cute.

I love my four Christmas angels.  And the paper bag sheep, too.

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