Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Serious jumpers.

I hate being on hold. I've been trying to get Cameron's mail order medicine figured out, plus a one month supply since the mail order got messed up and I feel like I've been on hold for most of the day yesterday and then now again today.  I'm on hold right now.  And listening to the music from Forrest Gump.  

This boy is so goofy.

(Also I'm finally done with the phone.  Yay.  The last lady I talked to at Express Scripts was so nice she almost made me cry.  I'm glad once in a while you run into phone people like her.)

I'm always trying to get nice pictures of Jace the Space.

Very rarely he cooperates.  Also you may notice that in the one of him on the bike, his shirt doesn't really match his shorts and he is wearing one black sock and once blue sock. The socks also had like three beads in them each because apparently that makes you a Power Ranger.

Also he threw his bike off the porch edge at GG and Papa's.  He got a stern talking to by his dad.

"Um, I don't know why I did that."


Air being blown out of mouth.


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The Sandalls said...

Hahaha! Luv the pictures of jace! I'll have to share with bow what makes u a real power ranger!