Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weenie roast

The weenie roast!  On the Saturday during the middle of the cousins' visit, we headed out to the "farm" to have a weenie roast.  The weather was really so beautiful, it was pretty much a must-do for the evening.  And the kids had a great time.  The highlights were the four wheeler rides, of course.  They all wanted turns riding on the four wheeler.  Except for Annalise, who went on one very short short ride before she started screaming and crying to get off.  So then later when we tried to sit her on the standing still four wheeler, just for a picture, she was terrified and screamed and cried and would not accommodate us.  Brice had to hold her on there while she fought him.  

We had hot dogs and chips and pop and scores and candy and all sorts of yummy things.

And the kids played tag on the hay bales, like true country rednecks :)

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