Monday, July 3, 2017

The running candy game

In the next game the kids were supposed to be in two teams.  Then they picked a paper, saw the number on it, ran down to the other side of the yard and ate that many skittles, and then ran back and the next person went.  Olivia carried the paper with her.  And threw the candy in her mouth as she was running back.  I just kept hoping nobody would choke, lol!  They loved it.  I mean they got to cram their mouths full of candy.  What's not to love? 

And then these fidget spinners.  Oh these spinners.  The boys have been begging for some for weeeeeeeeks.  Granny finally snuck them some (because meanie Mom had been saying no).  I finally allowed them to bring them home (because I was mostly saying no out of stubbornness) and the fidget spinners are now both lost, and forgotten.  Yay!  Lol.  They did give enjoyment while they were had.  And I'm sure we'll find them again someday.  And then the excitement will return. 

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