Saturday, July 8, 2017

The group

The cousin picture!!  The above is the final shot, with Titus' head photoshopped from a completely different place.  I took a picture of him later at Granny's after he had calmed down and put it on his head.  Don't look too long, cause then you'll totally be able to tell.  And actually, I also took Cam's face and Lyla's face from other pictures when they were looking at the camera.  Those were a little smoother to photoshop over.

And the rest of these are what they are lol!

Titus screaming his head off in these two, while the other kids try to focus and smile at the camera.  Except for Lyla, who is just truly wondering what the crying is all about.

Then in the above pic, Lyla finally looks, and Keanz takes a grab for the nose itch (we'll say she was just scratching it).  This is a pic I took Lyla's head from since she was finally looking away from Titus and at me. Or probably her mom dancing around crazily behind me.

And then in the pic below, oh my goodness I have laughed so hard for about twenty minutes looking at it. 

Titus has flung himself to the ground, and every single kid has a look of complete disgust on their face, even Lyla and Annalise.  They look like they are thinking "OH MY GOSH.  Get it together, kid, so we can get this over with."  Oh it's so funny.  I will love this picture forever and I can't wait until they all get older and they can pull it out and just laugh about it.  Hopefully they'll be laughing, and Titus won't be psychologically scarred from this picture taking event for the rest of his life, haha!

And then we tried Titus in the chair.  Some of these were cute, too, but I liked having Jace behind instead of right in front.  The boys steal too much of the show in front, I think, because they're bigger than the girls.  But Lyla was smiling so cute.  I could have taken one of these heads with her smile but then I ran into the issue having a different person behind her, so I didn't try it. 

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