Saturday, July 8, 2017

My four

I love these kiddos!  And how can they be getting so big?!  Sometimes I can't believe how things are just getting so much easier.

Just sometimes, though.  Because there are still times when they drive me completely crazy and I feel like if I hear another fart joke, or somebody yell that somebody won't leave them alone, or hear one more whining question about why we have to do something, I might LOSE it.  

But then there are other times when they play together and they take care of some of their own needs and they go to bed on time and they get in the van by themselves and they help me carry stuff to and from the car and they follow directions and they don't pee in the bed. . . and I actually can see the light at the end of the little kid tunnel.  And it makes me feel a little bit sad.  Because they're not so little anymore and most of them have lost their little baby chub.  And littles ones are just so dang cute.  But then I also feel a little excited about the future with these amazing kiddos.  And the wonderful fun things we'll be able to do together from now until the rest of forever :) And at least I have a million pictures to look back on to remember the baby chub, right? 

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