Saturday, July 8, 2017

Titus and Annalise

Little Ty-ty was much to upset during picturing taking time to pose for pictures.  Or stop screaming.  So afterwards, when things were a bit calmer and he was back to the safety of Granny's  backyard, he was a much happier camper.   So I took some pics of the two of them together.  Eating candy.  And mostly ignoring each other. And mostly ignoring me because all they cared about was the candy. 

Then I told Leesie to hug him.

And she did.  Kind of.  But he wasn't too into that hugging.  He was all about the candy.

So then she gave me the look of, "Mo-om, why did you make me do that."

And no amount of me trying to get their attention would take their eyes off that pez.  Oh these two. 

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