Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trampoline and water of course

It's not officially summer until we christen the trampoline with water for the first time of the season.  It was as glorious as ever :)  There was only minor fighting over who got to whole the hose.

And Annalise was pretty smart to stay clear of the trampoline.  She picked flowers instead.  Also I've gotten her some cheapo hoop earrings because she keeps pulling out ALL her other earrings.   Little stinker.  But she can't get these hoops out.  But the downside is, she doesn't like to sleep with them, and they're super cheap so I'm worried they'll hurt her ears if I leave them in too long.  So I take them out for naps and bedtime and then sometimes forget to put them back in.  Here's hoping her holes don't close up!!

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