Monday, May 15, 2017

Black and white

Oh I am getting behind again in my blogging.  Mostly because we've been busy and also I've been a little uninspired and bored with my picture taking lately.  These pictures were from probably almost a month ago.  I just made Liv let me take pictures of her.  And she was cute and sweet and then also a goofball.  And then Jace jumped in and was a goofball with her.  Annalise was probably napping and Cameron was with Brice, I think.

So currently it's the middle of May.  The kids have three more days of school after today.  Yikes.  It's really getting warm outside, so it really feels like summer is here.  The cousins are not coming for another month though.  We'll have a month of summer before they get here.  Jace is already asking if it's almost time for them to come yet :)

Jace will be turning nine in a couple of weeks, and Annalise will be turning two.  Waaaaaah!  All my babies are getting so big.

I love this one of her little face.

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