Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just some of Cam

I haven't given Cam a nap in about four days.  Last night he was a MONSTER.  So he got a nap today.  He and little miss are asleep now, and that poses a problem for me.  Because you see, there is so much that I need to do.


But I can't do any of that while they're napping.  While they're napping I have to hide in my room and not make any noise and tip toe around the house and even go outside if I want to open a soda.

So I guess I'll just sit here until they wake.  And then probably that other stuff won't get done because I'll have to feed them, and play with them, and then Jace will come home.

Oh well.

1 comment:

diana king said...

You're a good mom! All those other chores will always wait for you, but your kids, they grow up too fast!