Saturday, May 31, 2014

Auntie Sherri's backyard

We had dinner at Auntie Sherri's a few weeks ago and they have a field behind their house where there are usually some horses out and about.  But of course the one time I brought the camera to take pictures of the kids WITH the horses, the horses were put away in the barn. Typical.

But we still went out anyway.

I love these next two below.  Livvy looks like she's giving Brice some serious attitude about staying there for a picture.  She probably was.

Then the boys ran up with Lucas to see if they could see the horses better in the stable.  They couldn't really.

Liv tried to toddle after them.

But she only made it to the rocky road before they had already zoomed past her back to Brice.


diana king said...

She gives attitude like her momma used to!

kim anderson said...

Funny, that first pic makes think "get your paws off me old man"!!!

Celeste said...

Good for you for getting in those last pictures! Super cute.