Thursday, October 3, 2013

As predicted, some more pictures of 9 month old Livvy.

She gets more and more personality every day.

And, turns out, she loves angry bird just as much as her brothers.

She's working on her one eyebrow raised stink eye.

And apparently can fill her mouth with air and puff out her cheeks.

She still has just two teeth, with no sign of any others yet.

She is still so so happy most of the time.

And likes to make loud screechy noises to make sure we all know she's there.  Sometimes at two or three in the morning.  That's cool, Liv.

She makes funny faces.

And can clap her hands.

She pulled and pulled on her head band.

I should have stopped her.  But I had to see it through to the end.  Knowing just what would happen.

I did stop taking pictures when she started crying, though.  I'm not heartless.

She's still not too interested in crawling, although she can army crawl.  When she really wants, too.  Which is not that often.


Tyrell said...

These pictures are awesome! Love her many faces!! And I love all of the beach pictures... just spent a solid 45 minutes wishing I was there too!

The Sandalls said...

Too Cute! Love all the pictures of all her many faces you got! Missing her sweet, high pitched squeal !