Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As of late. . . 

Livvy has been sick.  She has an ear infection. 

She has been making herself gag and puke when I try to feed her anything other than a bottle.

Except luckily she likes her antibiotic.

I noticed a blister on her top gum so a wee little tooth should be popping out soon.  Perhaps that's another reason she's been so miserable.

Cam surprisingly has not been sick.  Yay for that.  He is a stud, apparently.  Some guy at Walmart bought him a soda for no reason.  

He knows how to work it, that is for sure.

Jace has been having pretty good days at school.  And he scored really well on some test that they gave (one of those standard ones.  For the state, I guess).  Good job, Jace!  Perhaps I didn't fry your brain with tv and video games.  I'm going to start helping in his classroom on Fridays for an hour and I'm really excited to a) see what they do in there and b) get back into a classroom.  I feel like it will give me the itch to teach again.  But not enough of an itch to return to that any time soon :)

And now some pictures from the other day, before I lose interest from you completely.

This was before the doctor.  Livvy was not in the mood for my picture shenanigans.

I told you Cam is a stud.  And seriously, seeing him in action at say, the grocery store, is almost too ridiculous.  He waves, he bats his eyes. . . it's hard to imagine he is actually the BIGGEST fit thrower around.

Still no smile from Liv.

Cam told me he was the "swing master".

In other news, Brice finished the closet in our room.  It is now the nicest part of our old, old, slightly ghetto house.  So until we can fix this place up enough and sell it, I will go stand in there when I feel discouraged.


The Sandalls said...

YAY for the closet being done!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of cam looking over his shoulder with his eyebrow raised!! He is a stud!! But I already knew that!!!

Poor Livvy Loo. Hope she feels better soon and mom can survive her until then. She's still an angel baby, right?!?!?!

How fun that you will get to start going in and working in Bow's classroom! Jace will love that you are there too!!

Celeste said...

He IS the swing master. I think helping the classroom is a lot of fun because you get to help but not be in charge. Which is nice. And I like knowing about the kids I hear about at home. =)