Tuesday, March 7, 2017

These sisters

These girls are just so sweet.  Leesie was playing with Liv's jewelry box the other day, and so I took an obsessive amount of pictures of her.  And there were about fifty more that didn't make the cut, too. Obsessive amount.  But I love each of the ones I posted, even though they are all basically the same.  You can never have too many cute pictures of the Leesie girl.  

Then Liv came in and discovered she was playing with them.  She took the news well though.  And only got kind of mad once.  Hence the mad face up there somewhere in the mist of the pictures.  And then the girls played on the bed together and made my heart so happy.

I was probably going to say a lot more about these pictures.  But my heart is feeling very sad right now.  I found out a little while ago, in the midst of the bedtime rush, that one of my wonderful cousins lost her little boy today.  He was just born on Sunday, and he passed away today (Tuesday), very unexpectedly.  I don't know any more of the details other than that right now.  But I'm so sad for her.  And her family.  I can't even imagine what she's going through, and I don't even want to kind of pretend to imagine it.  Because the not even being able to imagine it still has me feeling heartbroken and sad and full of tears.

The kids are all asleep.  And I kind of want to wake them all up and cuddle with them.  Except for it wouldn't really end with cuddling and it would be kind of a nightmare.  But I feel like I just want to go stare at their faces and soak them all in.  I can't spend too much time thinking about this kind of thing, because it sends me spiraling into the what if's that are so scary and heart wrenching.  So I'm praying like crazy for my cousin and her family.  And reminding myself that families are forever.  And that's all I can do, I guess. 


Diana King said...

We are to mourn with those that mourn ❤️

The Sandall's said...

Sweet sisters! They are so cute together!!! So sorry about your cousins baby.

Celeste said...

I'm so sad about your cousin's baby. It is heart wrenching. Love these pictures.