Friday, March 17, 2017

Leesie and the zoo

A few Saturdays ago with was beautiful outside.  Brice had to work all day, and so did our friends' dad.  So Jessica and I decided to take the kids to the zoo!  Because it was nice out and we have a pass and we can do whatever we want because we're grown up, lol.

So off to the zoo we went.  I edited just one of these pictures.  Because I'm tired and lazy these days.  And I just needed to get these on here and I've been kind of dreading editing them since they are not like the funnest photos to edit, and that was deterring me from putting them up.  So on here without editing they are.  

It was not Leesie's first time at the zoo, but it was her first time there when she could actually know what was going on and be an actual part of it.  So she had a pretty good time.  I love this age of babies!  Although of course I'm a little sad and wishing I could freeze time so she could stay this age for a lot longer.  

She loved the giraffe and kept roaring at him. And she roared at the leopard.  And the monkeys.  Pretty much she roared at anything animal she saw :)

Also winter has come back.  As I knew it would.  It was too good to be true to have a seventy degree spring in February.  It's been pretty cold this last week and I am missing those warm spring days.  Next week looks warmer.  Fingers crossed.  I'm ready for spring to come and stay and I'm actually ready for long lazy summer days.  Even if it means having all our crazies here all day long.  

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