Saturday, September 5, 2015

They do paintball

Last Saturday we went out to the farm to watch the big boys play paintball.

The pictures of them playing were actually kind of boring.  What's more interesting is the video, with the commentary of all the viewers.

Cam sat with GG and convinced her he needed his arm scratched.

While Liv tried to wrestle the binoculars out of the Granny's grasp.

Then the big boys finished and Cam ran to greet the players.

The big boys sat.  And hemmed and hawed about their game.

Laughing at their mistakes, and explaining each of their moves in great detail.  Reliving the moment.  As big boys often do.

They also pointed out battle wounds.  

And of course Brice applied his chapstick probably about fifty times.

Meanwhile Jace went searching for dropped paintballs.

And the Liv, seeing the fun he was obviously having, went off to help him.

Also it was like one hundred fifty million degrees outside.

As it is today.  Ugh.

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Celeste said...

HAHA...I forgot about Brice's chapstick thing. What a fun place to play paintball though.