Friday, September 25, 2015

Some randoms

 Here are just some random pics from the last few weeks that I've been meaning to put up.  Things had to go on hold for a little bit when I messed the computer up because I foolishly tried to download something that, if I had taken any time at all to think about, I would have known was fishy.

I was trying to get a program that would let me use a phone app on the computer.

Stupid me.

Anyway, an annoying virus and a fixed computer later, I have learned my lesson to never ever download anything.  Ever.  

I made Liv stand in front of some pretty weeds (I think) in an effort to practice shooting with the sun bright as the back light.  I wasn't thrilled with the pics, but I did get a better feel for what settings to use.  I need to practice that more, with the sun so bright in the background.

Then this one of the boys being goofs in the yard.  They're always goofs.

And last Saturday we went to the park while Brice was hunting and then cleaning up the doe he shot with his bow and arrow.  Fun for him, and fun for us.  I guess.  I maybe would have rather him be home and be entertaining all the kids, but you know, whatever.

The above picture is how Liv looks when shes running away from Luke, her friend.  Sometimes her friend, and sometimes her enemy.  It depends on how emotional she's being.

She was having an emotional day, and spent most of the time at the park sulking like this, off in a corner somewhere.  

She's going to be a super fun teenager.  

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