Friday, September 11, 2015

Jumping outside

I took Liv to the doctor today to check out her gunky boogery nose and fever.  Just a virus though.  As I suspected.  Hopefully it doesn't turn into something more this weekend.  Then we came home and had lunch and now the girls are both napping, and have been napping for almost two hours.

Ahhhhh.  So nice.

Here are some photos from jumping outside the other day.  Since my phone is so handy and it's so easy to play around with pictures directly on it, I haven't been pulling out my big camera much.  But I should.  So I did.

Love this girl.


diana king said...

Love these pictures! Her hair is beautiful! How long are you gonna let it grow mama??

Celeste said...

What fun to jump and enjoy the summer/fall time. Hope she feels better soon.