Saturday, August 8, 2015

Marine life

This year we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama and lived the good beach life there with my family.  We had a blast, as we always do when we go to the beach, because we are beach lovers!

Liv made friends with a fish.  A dead fish really, but who cares right?  A bunch of these little fish washed up on shore so we grabbed a bucket and tried to rescue them.  Mostly they all seemed to immediately die.  But Liv held this one for a while and occasionally would put it up to her face and say, "Awww nice fishy."

Kinda gross.

Brice caught this little sting ray.  He got his little barbed thing stuck in the net so we had to get a knife to cut the net so we could set him free.  Brice also saw lots of eletric rays on the ocean floor.  But we have no pictures.  Because the GoPro ran out of batteries and then someone forgot the charger.  Maybe I forgot it.  Although actually I didn't because when we got home and I started looking for the charger it ended up being in the camera bag the whole time.

Yeah.  Fail on my part.  I wasn't a hundred percent mentally there this trip.  I think I was pretty tired.

Brice also caught this big crab.  And he caught a few others one throughout the week, too.

And Spencer found this cool star fish.  First time we have seen one of those on our beach trips so that was pretty neat.  Star fish are so pretty!


Celeste said...

So are you going back to the beach in a few months again? I'm super jealous you are so close to the many beaches around. Looks like the kids loved it again.

Melanie said...

Beautiful beach pictures!!! What a fun family trip!