Thursday, August 20, 2015

For no reason

She's just so cute.

She had her two month shots yesterday and then she got a fever.  Well you know how they tell you that if an infant under three months gets a fever over 100.4 it's like an immediate doctor call or visit, right?

So but what about if they just had shots?  Then does it require a visit?  Oh the worrying that comes with having kids. 4 kids in and it still has not gotten any better, and I still find myself making late night calls to the on call doctor just to "make sure" I don't need to be freaking out.

But the cuteness makes it all worth it.

And also, on a side note, Olivia peed at McDonalds today.  The annoying part is that I had just taken her to the bathroom, where she let out a tiny tinkle.  Then I guess she wanted to let the rest out on the floor of the play place.  It looked like she had spilled a huge cup of water, the puddle was that big.  Whoops.

It's possible my friends and I told the McDonald's employee that it was water. . .

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Melanie said...

she is SO SO CUTE!!!!