Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cousin photo shoot

These eight were so well behaved for the photo shoot this year.  Probably because they are getting used to it and they actually like doing it!. . . . 

Or maybe because it was stifling hot outside and they have learned by now that if they just grin and bear it, it will be over that much quicker.  Seriously, though, they were really good and after a few snaps we had plenty of pictures to choose from.  Here's one that I liked best from the ones I got.

And then we got some individual pictures, as usual.

She was mostly just yelling at me.

And then, poof, she was done.

And then this angel :)  She slept throught the whole thing.


Celeste said...

I cannot believe they were so easy and well behaved. Turned out darling as always.

Melanie said...

What a fun summer and what great memories! I loved seeing all your pictures and posts!

Tyrell said...

I SUPER love the last one of Cam. He's just so cute to me :)