Monday, August 10, 2015

Boogie board fun (and the boys are in school)

So the boys are in school and the girls are napping.

I mean I'm pretty much doing a happy dance over here.

And trying to blog but my computer is being so slow.  And the problem is the massive amounts of pictures I have on this old computer.  Which means I need to delete them and free up some space.  But that idea seems daunting to me, even though I have all the pictures backed up on another hard 

Anyway, I digress.

Here are some picutres of boogie board fun.

They had so much fun with that boogie board.  Until the jelly fish came.  See that random guy pointing in the background?  He's probaby pointing at a jelly fish.  They were all over the water on the last day we were there.  Jace got stung once and luckily Cam never did.  The Spam would probably have never gotten back in the water.  

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