Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Popsicles. . . and embarrassing kids

Today I had to take the van into the shop.  There are several reason I was dreading this.

First, who knows how much they will say it will cost the van to be fixed.  And there really isn't anything noticeably wrong with it.  Just a couple of dashboard lights that needed attention.  Like the airbag light.  I guess it's good if the airbag is functioning properly, right?

Second, I had to take all the kids with me to the shop to drop it off.  That is a nightmare in itself.  But actually it went really well.  They have a shuttle service so they could shuttle me and my hellions home which was nice.

Bob was the guy who drove us home in their shuttle van.  He's an old man.  Probably over seventy.  With a hearing aid.  When the guy who took the keys mentioned that Bob would be our shuttle driver, Cam said, "Bob? Bobby?"

"Sure," the guy said.  "I bet he'd like you to call him Bobby.  He probably hasn't been called that in years."

Well don't worry.  My kids took care of that right away.

Bob appeared with our shuttle van and right away Cam started saying, "Bobby!  Hi Bobby!"

And then Liv didn't want to be left out.  So she kept saying, "Bobby, bobby, bobby, bobby" over and over again. Although I don't think she knew that Bobby was a name.  And THEN she said, in her high pitched little voice she uses when she's talking to Annalise, "Oh Bobby. . . so cute.  He's so cute."

She called a little old man cute.  Over and over again.

I didn't know whether to tell them all to hush and call attention to it, or to ignore them.  I opted to ignore them.  Thankfully they finally shut up when I mentioned something about sour patch kids and only the quietest ones getting them. 

My kids are embarrassing. 

We're sad that the cousins have left and we have to stay at home and do real life stuff again.  Like clean up the living room and clean up bedrooms.  When I ask the boys to help me tidy up it's like I jsut asked them to chop off their own arm and give it to me.  The drama is insane.  I'm sure they wish we were living the good life of all day at Granny's again.


diana king said...

Good post! My grandkids are sweet!

Celeste said...

I'm dying over the "Bobby is so cute!" That is hilarious.