Friday, July 10, 2015

Cam gets sand in his eye

Cam always gets sand in his eyes.  If there is sand anywhere near him, you can bet he'll get it in his eyes.

Emily and her gang are here so we've been having lots of cousin fun over at Granny and Poppy's.  And they have a sand pile.  Woohoo!  So much fun.  Until you get some sand in your eye.  

Of course he was the only one to do that.

Anyway, I sent him over to the super fun and cool shower that was installed to keep the kids clean before entering the pool.  "Go let it wash your eye off," I said.  And you can see Lucas was more than happy to be the one to pull the water lever.  Probably because he knew, just like I knew, the water would be cold and the Cam Spam would have a bit of a shock.


P.S.  Cam is with Granny and Poppy, Liv is napping, Annalise is napping, and Jace is playing Minecraft.  I'm like super mom right now.  I'm plowing through organizing pictures and folding and putting away laundry as it gets dried.  I wonder how long this magic spell will last. . . probably only like one more minute since I've mentioned it, called it out by name, and tempted it to be ruined. . . we shall see. . .


diana king said...

Aww, good sport!

The Sandall's said...

Oh Cam Spam… he'll Figure out how to play in sand without getting it in his eyes… eventually! Such funny pictures, you can tell when that cold water hits him. Heheheh