Monday, July 13, 2015

One month

I can't believe Annalise is one month old.

I also can't believe that Liv has let me sit here and play with pictures for the last half hour undisturbed.

I also can't  believe we're already halfway through July.

Little Lise is such a good natured baby.  Despite the scowl she usually sports with her furrowed little eyebrows.  She cries usually only if she's hungry and wants to eat.  Because she likes to eat.

And she also loves snuggling with her little frog legs curled up underneath her still, like she's in the womb.  If she had it her way, I think she'd like to be back in my belly.

I feel like in the month (or actually five weeks) since she's been born we've just been running around nonstop.  After we get the older kids in bed at night I usually just crash onto our bed, exhausted and content to hold Annalise and snuggle for the rest of the evening.  Hold her and snuggle and also eat, of course.  Because I'm starving all the time.

I feel so happy that we get to have this cute little girl in our family.  And sometimes when I really think about blessed Brice and I are to have our four kids. . . my heart feels so full it literally feels like I can't even handle the emotion.  Too happy, too grateful, too wonderful.  Like that expression "my heart felt like it might burst". . . I totally understand that.  It's a pretty accurate description.


Celeste said...

She's so sweet. Love that dress on her.

diana king said...

Aww, mija you made me tear up!