Friday, July 3, 2015

Newborn Pictures

I attempted some newborn pictures of little Lise.  Just some simple ones because those are easier than attempting to get her to keep her hand on her chin and all that very cute but seemingly impossible stuff you see from professional newborn picture takers.  They have some definite skills that is for sure.

Also Livvy tried to help me by taking pictures with my phone.  Mostly she just messed up all my apps and icons.  But that's okay.

Little baby feet. . . . so wrinkly and cute.

These first few with her eyes open were taken about a week before the ones with her sleeping.  So she still looks a little yellowish from jaundice.

In the one above she looks just like Daddy.  I think.

Also she likes to eat her hand when she doesnt have her binki.  But that doesn't last very long and she gets really angry real quick that her hand isn't as good as her binki.  Or food.

I just love her squishy little face so much.

Then I thought, hey, I guess I could put a bow or something on her.  These were kind of impromptu pictures.  And this was the first bow I could find.  And she stayed asleep so I just kept taking pictures. 

The end!

Also, my mom left last Sunday.  We miss her.  And I'm tired.

Also also, Emily is here visiting!  We are having a nonstop fun party.  But when the day is over and the party is done. . . well I'm pretty tired.

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The Sandall's said...

Awwww. You captured that new baby perfectly! Those lips and those cheeks. Just wanna kiss and kiss and kiss!!! And i'm glad I'm not the only one exhausted at the end of our days of partying!