Friday, June 13, 2014

Swing Away

We inherited a swing set from Auntie Sherri.  We inherit a lot of things.

Livvy loves to swing.

Above she is telling me to "get pushing, woman."

Below she is telling me, "seriously.  push me.  now."

He likes swinging, too.  Almost as much as he likes making goofy faces.

Also Liv likes to have melt downs when you tell her its time to get out of the swing.

The other day Brice and I were discussing how some people on our street are pretty white trashy.  And then I thought, hmmmm.  Maybe we're white trashy. . . rusty old swing set, trampoline with paint still all over it from last summer, crazy barking dog, kid toys all over the yard, children who never wear all their clothes. . . 

Yeah. . . it doesn't look good for us.

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