Friday, June 13, 2014

One cloudy day

We've had a lot of cloudy days lately.  But this cloudy day was from many weeks ago.  Because I take so many pictures, and I am falling behind on putting them up here.

Brice built the kids this water table, that they love.  I have more pictures of it that I need to put up.

See Cam yelling at Jace in the above picture?  Yeah he yells at him ALOT.  He just yells in general alot.  He screeches.  It makes me want to break something.  Like his vocal chords.  But of course I don't.

When Jace is in one of his not crazy wild moods he can stay out there and play with that table for a long time.

When he's in a wild mood, though, he usually just splashes water everywhere until there is none left.  Then he cries about being cold and wet and comes inside to take a shower.

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