Friday, June 20, 2014

He turned 6!

My little Jacey-boy turned 6.  Only do you know what?  There was a little girl in his class named Jacey, and she was well. . . kind of a trouble maker.  So he has asked me please will I stop calling him Jacey-boy.  


Happy birthday, Jace.

We kept the party low key this year.  But oh my goodness, do I love this crazy six year old.

Uncle Danny, who works at Jace's school, told his kindergarten teachers that it was his birthday, and they made him the sweetest card.  He really did have the best kindergarten teachers.  Pretty sure that means karma will come bite us for first grade. . .but maybe not right?

He has made about twenty rainbow loom bracelet and rings.  And lost about ten.  Go figure.

Cam, apparently, loved the Angry Bird game he got.  And he also got Minecraft.  But that's a story for a whole other post.

At the last minute I decided to make him a green Ninjago cake.  Because it was super easy.  Thank goodness for an easy frosting recipe and sandwich bags with teeny little holes cut in them.  

After cake and presents we taught Jace how to play spoons.  It was pretty intense.  Granny was going for the win.  At all times. 

See that hand reaching in there from behind Jace in the picture below?  Auntie Sherri had his back.

Which is good because Granny was showing no mercy, haha!

Yes.  She won. :)

Then we headed out into the super cold swimming pool.  It was freezing.  Although I am happy to report that now, two weeks later, it is finally HOT.  And feeling like summer.

Happy birthday to my Jacey-boy Jace!

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Celeste said...

Love the intense game of spoons pictures. Low-key birthdays are awesome too. And I don't think the kids mind one bit. Good job on the cake mom!