Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dancing in the kitchen

We love to have dance parties in our teeny tiny kitchen.  In our teeny tiny house.  Livvy loves to dance.  The boys do, too.  During this particular dance party I think Cam was napping.  Or else off somewhere sulking.  Have I mentioned that he has gotten a whole fresh batch of the terrible, no good, thundering threes?  We've had some difficult days. 

Also, Liv loves her tooth brush.  It doesn't do much brushing, but it does get chomped on alot.

In this picture she looks like a two year old who has to pee really badly.

Jace came running in like a crazy man.  He did some floor spinning, and lots of get-up-in-liv's-face moves that eventually got him kicked back out of the kitchen.

Oh this girlie.  She also loves to sing. 


Celeste said...

Yeah for Dance parties. I just want to know what song you were jamming too. =)

VanSickles said...

Three years just suck. It's horrible.