Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Since I made that snow day movie I think we've had like four other snow days.  We had one on Monday.

Then Tuesday the kids were sent home early in fear of the coming ice storm.

And now today is Wednesday and we are iced in.  The prospect of school tomorrow is not looking good.

When are they going to make all these days up?

Anyway here is where I found Livvy the other day when I realized she was not at my feet in the kitchen.

She likes to climb up on Cameron's bed, which she can only do if someone pulls the spare mattress out for her.

And when I say, "WHAT are you doing in here?" she gives me the above look.

And then tries to eat one of the treasures she has found on Cam's bed.

She does the sticking out her tongue thing when she's concentrating just like Jace.

She attempts to get off the bed and then yells at me like it's my fault that she can't.

So I help her get down to the second mattress.

And she toys with the idea of stepping off.

And then when she finally does, she's so proud of herself she can hardly stand it.

And we play this game about fifteen times.


The Sandalls said...

Oh my... That doesn't even look like her tongue. Hahaha

I'm glad to know I am not the only one who gets yelled at by a one year old All day... Hahahahehehe

Smirking said...

My niece is so cute!!