Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jace has been loving the days of no school.  And when he has to make them up he won't know the difference so he probably won't even care.

I've tried to keep him busy, but. . . 

Sometimes I fail.  But not always.  And sometimes he even entertains himself.

Like by playing chess against himself.

With his own rules.

Also today he listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for an hour and a half.  I finally just caved and let him, since he has been pestering me about it since he got his Harry Potter video game for his birthday.

I just want him to love it as much as me.  And I'm afraid that if he's too little he won't listen and won't understand.  But I was pretty impressed.  He mostly listened and he seemed to comprehend what was going on.  And it kept him entertained for an HOUR AND A HALF.  Did I mention that part?  I used the book on CD because the guy who reads it is amazing and it's so good that way.  Better than what I could do.  I thought I would get some stuff done while he was listening (Cam and Liv were napping) but instead I sat and listened with him.  

I love Harry Potter.  Not like dress up and be crazy love, but definitely squirt some over the last lines in the first chapter love.  About the Boy Who Lived.

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The Sandalls said...

Oh jace. He's so smart and funny! So who wins in those chess game? Maybe I will have to get bowman on Harry potter!