Monday, November 25, 2013

So Brice got a nice sized buck on Saturday.  The boys (especially Cameron) thought it was pretty cool.  Cameron was not concerned at all about getting right up in that deer's business.  

I am not a huge fan of dead animals.  The other day Andy had killed a rabbit in our yard.  Or maybe it died of fright.  There was nothing outwardly wrong with it except for that it was dead.  I discovered it up against the fence in the morning and I knew that if I didn't dispose of it there would be dead rabbit flesh flung around the yard, courtesy of a bored dog.  So I had to get rid of it.

I'm sure if any  neighbors were watching me get rid of it, they got a show. I have a pretty weak stomach for that stuff.  

But I guess I better get on board with this deer, because he will be mounted on a wall in our house soon, I imagine. 


The Sandalls said...

Those are the CUTEST HATS (I guess I better say the boys hats are AWESOME)!!!!! And love Livvy's sweet little shoes! Oh and cool deer! It's fun to hang those on the wall, I think I'm finally getting to where I like the moose on ours!!!

diana king said...

Dad and I laughed at the different reactions the boys had when sitting on the deer. Jace wasn't too thrilled, but Cammers is loving it!

Smirking said...

Way to go, Brice!