Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Olivia is five months old already.  That is insane to me.  I feel like she was just four months old yesterday.  In one more month she will have been with our little family for half of an entire year.  Time is going too too too fast.  

She has become a very easy cheesey baby.  I'm knocking on wood and I feel scared even putting that out there into the world because its just like I'm tempting karma to come and bite me in the butt and turn her into a monster.  But oh well I guess I'll risk it.  Also this might be the longest post ever because I have tons of pictures that I want to use.  I could take pictures of her all day. And sometimes I do.  So you've been warned.

Because look at this precious face.  Who wouldn't want to take pictures of it all day long?

Also I like to take selfies with her.  Because that's fun.  And only sometimes scary.

So at 5 months little Livvy is still sleeping through the night.  Usually.  There are some nights, like last night, where she'll wake up and talk and play and then have a hard time falling back to sleep.  If she weren't in the same room with us it probably wouldn't be a big deal.  She could whine a little and then eventually drift off to sleep.  But since I don't trust the crazy boys and I don't want to put her in the room in the front of the house. . . she is stuck in our room.  Which means there are nights like last night where Brice huffs off to the other room and then I just listen to Livvy play/cry/yell until she falls back asleep.  Sometimes I get up and give her the pacifier.  But I don't want to get her used to getting picked up and rocked back to sleep.   

In the morning if she wakes up before the boys I pull her into bed with me.  And cuddle her on my chest.  And I'm so glad she still small enough to do snuggle with like that. 

She also has moved from her bassinet to the crib.  Because she loves shoving her face into the side of things to sleep.  And after one night after three times of waking up and seeing her face smushed against the bassinet I made Brice get the crib set up.  And no bumper pads for her.  Because she tries to suffocate herself.  

She is pretty good natured during the day and loves loves loves the boys so much.

Here she is laughing at Jace.

She can sit pretty good in her little seat now.  And we have just started to try rice cereal.  Not sure how much she actually eats but at least we're attemtping it.  She also is so nosy that if there is any noise around her, especially the boys, she will not eat her bottle.  She squirms trying to see what's going on.  I have to force feed her sometimes. And she likes to play with toys now.


Here is more from our little photo shoot.

As always she was a good sport.  But then she got hungry.

And then she got mad.

So then I fed her and we tried again.

She is always raising her eyebrows up.  I think she might have forehead wrinkles before she hits 2.  I love this picture.  Partly because she looks like she either has a) four eyebrows or b) one insane uni-brow



Celeste said...

I love the 4 eyebrow picture! Seriously, it is so cute. I love her coral outfit too.

The Sandalls said...

I'm laughing out loud! Love the eyebrows! Haha! She's such a cutie! The oys are so sweet with her!