Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sometimes I like to put Livvy's hair in this little green curler that Aunt Melanie gave me.  Also it's very useful for scrubbing off that dead skin on her head.  Cradle crap.  I know it's really called cradle CAP, but I always just say the other thing because I think that's what it should be called. Usually I put it in like a little mo-hawk curl but this time after her bath I put it in like a front curly curl.

Awww so cute.  Since the weather has been nice and the boys want to play outside alll the time and I don't/can't I've devised a little compromise.  If they stay in the front side of the house by the sidewalk/sandbox/trampoline, I can see them looking out the window of the computer room.  So I can sit in there and feed the baby or play with her and still watch and hear them.  We have a yard that is completely fenced in, but it's just a chain link fence.  And our street is a little sketchy.  And even if we lived on a nicer street with a privacy fence I think I would still  be too nervous to let them play outside without me watching them like a hawk.  I wish that wasn't the kind of world that we lived in now.  But it is.  They get a little more freedom when we go visit Granny and can play in her back yard, out in the country.  

Jace was out playing with chalk (in his super cool shirt from probably the eighties that he wore as pajamas and then all that day) and he sounded pretty happy.  Too happy.  When I looked out on closer examination I discovered why he was so happy.

He was out scribbling with chalk as hard as he could and then rubbing his hands in it and smearing it all over his clothes and body.  And then running after Cameron and trying to "disguise" him as well.  I believe I even heard him gleefully tell Cameron, "We'll be so disguised no one will even know the truth!"  The truth about what, I wonder.  

 Even though I was dreading the fact that I was now going to have to give him a full blown bath, he was having so much fun with it that I just let him keep at it.  Which later warranted a, "You're the best mom," from him. Lest you think he is always so praiseful, this morning I heard him telling Cameron, "Mommy took the play-doh stuff to nursery.  So we don't have it.  Because she is a bad mommy.  But don't tell her that.  We still love her."

Cameron wasn't thrilled with the disguise.  Tough luck.

I never really did a side by side comparison with Cameron and Jace because I knew they looked completely different.  But since Olivia could be Cameron's twin I had to do one.  And also I couldn't leave Jace out.  You can see how different he looks from the two of them.  I should have put Olivia in that same onsie.  Same head.  Same droopy cheeks.  Same double chin.  Same little nose. Same eye shape, though Liv's eyes are a little lighter.

Little Liv got to sit outside for the first time yesterday and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She got that tongue out there and everything. She loves to watch her brothers play and smiles and coos at them, though they rarely give her the attention she wants when they're playing together.  

I love this picture of Cameron.  I got this right after he dumped a bunch of sand on my legs and I yelled, "Why did you do that?!"  Then he gave this look.  It's his I-know-you're-mad-at-me-but-how-can-you-stay-mad-at-such-a-cute-face look.

Too bad for him he didn't have a chance to give it to me about two minutes ago when he got up from bed for the fifteenth time.  He was too busy running back to bed holding his butt saying, "Not a spanking!"

Don't worry, I didn't give him a spanking.  I rarely do because then he cries as if you've broken his little heart.  I just shut his door.  And the next time he gets up the child proof door thing will be going on the knob.  That threat usually seems to do the trick, so we'll see. 

Also I decided that if I had a quarter for every time Jace gives me this look I could probably raise enough money in week for a nice getaway at a nice hotel.  Too bad no money comes with it.  

Jace loves the sandbox and Cameron loves his bat.  

So there you go.  It's eight o'clock.  And Brice still isn't home yet.  I should go straighten up the house.  But I don't want to.  Bad move sitting down at the computer. . . 

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Celeste said...

Oh the joys of the simple things like chalk and sand. It's worth having to do a bath though. =) Why is Brice such a workaholic now a days?